May 3, 2011

Natural way to protect us from flu

The erratic weather conditions such as now, the influenza virus is easily spread. The smart way is keep your self because when influenza infected the daily productivity will disturbed. Follow these tips to keep the body healthy on flu season.

When you have got the flu, the drugs are prescribed only to suppress symptoms and to help temporarily. Therefore, it is better to try some natural ways to prevent themselves infected with the flu.

Here are some natural methods that are easy and can keep you from the flu :

1. Drink warm water
Soup and tea is the most preferred beverage during the winter. The heat from these drinks will be transferred from the esophagus to the respiratory tract. This loosens the mucus and allow you to easily remove phlegm. In addition, hot beverages will also boost the immune system so you do not susceptible to flu. In addition to tea, another example is the warm lemon and ginger water.

2. Drink mineral water much
Consume more fluids either from water or juice can help replace the lost of fluids due to fever and respiratory evaporation. This condition will help loosen the mucus that makes a person feel better.

Body well hydrated also keeps your body functioning properly so that drinking enough water can also alienate you from the risk of infection.

3. Gargling salt water
Bring a lot of salt water to help reduce the discomfort of sore throat. Salts can also pull out the excess water in the throat tissue, reduce inflammation, and clear mucus and relieve irritation in the throat. This method can also avoid you from the flu infection.

4. Stop smoking
Recent statistics show that heavy smokers were more likely to suffer from flu and severe respiratory distress, because smoking can dry the nasal cavity and affects the immune system.

5. Reduce alcohol consumption
Alcohol not only causes dehydration of the body but also makes you vulnerable to contracting the flu in other ways. The more heavily you drink, the more likely to get infected and suffer from complications.



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