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December 22, 2011

Be aware of the ulcers and hemorrhoids that does not heal

Colorectal cancer or colon cancer is one cancer that affects adults. The trigger is a less healthy diet and less exercise. In fact, cancer is cancer that was ranked fourth attack in Indonesia after a lot of cervical cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer. Symptoms of this cancer is the most common heartburn, abdominal pain and hemorrhoids. 

"Some patients usually present with ulcers or hemorrhoids that do not heal. Especially if you look at the age of 40 years, it should be checked to determine the likelihood of colorectal cancer," said Dr. Noorwati Sutandyo DR, SpPD, KHOM, consultant medical oncologist hematologist RS Dharmais, in the office of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation (ICF), Lebakbulus. 

Dr. Noorwati also said that this deadly disease takes 15-20 years to develop. So the majority of sufferers are adults aged 50 and over. But did not rule out the 40-year-old man was also suffering from colorectal cancer. "If treated early, when still on the stage 1, the possibility of life is still very large between 85-90 percent. But if it is severe, the possibility of life is only about 10 percent," said Dr. Noorwati. 

The symptoms of colorectal cancer is commonly found as usual indigestion nausea, abdominal discomfort, irregular bowel movements, constipation, hardened stools. But if you see other symptoms such as face paled, weight and hemoglobin levels dropped dramatically, so it's good checked out immediately.


December 8, 2011

5 Natural Food For Helps Your Body Slim

Commonly, 'Diet' is a negative word. Diet food labels confuse many people. What's included food diet? Are foods that are low calorie, low fat, low sodium, low sugar, gluten-free, or which one?? Said Jane Korsberg, instructors senior in the Department of Nutrition Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. 

In addition, many dieters that specifically target the food it is rarely satisfactory. snack contains 100 calories, for example, created to help people control calories, but the reality often does not work, make them hungry often throughout days. You do not need elaborate plan to become lean. All you need to do is make smart food choices, watching portions, and keep active. "Learning to eat right would be more useful. The emphasis should be on choosing healthy foods every day and make lifestyle changes for the better, "said Jane. If you need some advice, you can start with a choice of five delicious food while maintaining a slim body that follows, as reviewed Livestrong.

Apples are a source of dietary fiber is good. Dietary fiber not only contributes to a healthy digestive system and reduced cholesterol, but also beneficial for eating smart because it does not make a lot of calories. A study in the journal Appetite found that when women add three apples or pears in the daily diet, their weight will go down, more than the person who added the three cakes of wheat in their diet, although both contain the same amount of fiber. According to Alan Aragon, a nutritionist and author of girth Control: The Science of Fat Loss & Muscle Gain, crispy foods, such as apples, can be a trick for a person to feel fuller. The act of chewing can send satiety signals to the body. 

If you're looking for a delicious lunch, a handful of almonds is a good choice. A 2009 study published in the journal The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women who ate nuts at least twice a week almond more successfully maintaining weight loss than those who do not eat it. One ounce of almonds contains only 167 calories, 6 grams protein and 3 grams of fiber, the composition of nutrients that will make you feel full. Furthermore, like apples, almonds quite crunchy foods that can make you full faster. 

Seafood can be a part of a healthy diet. There is some evidence that the fat in salmon can increase satiety. The study, published in the International Journal of Obesity, for example, found that when dieters eat salmon several times a week, they lost approximately 2 kg more than those who do not include seafood in the diet menu. Fat content of salmon is relatively low, 3 ounces each contains only 175 calories. Salmon is also a good source of protein. 

There is no doubt that the protein, such as fiber, has a glut of impressive strength, one egg. Research shows that eating eggs for breakfast can help you fight hunger throughout the day. A study reported in 2008 in the International Journal of Obesity found that when dieters eat two eggs for breakfast five days a week, they lost 65 percent more weight than dieters who ate breakfast a lot of bread. Eggs help you feel fuller throughout the day. 

Non-starch vegetables such as carrots, celery, and spinach, contain lots of fiber. As with other foods high in fiber, these foods can help make you feel full. Tomatoes are a good choice as well as delicious the next.


December 1, 2011

Organic foods extend the expectancy of life

A recent study published journal Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences shows that eating organic food products (fruits and vegetables) every day in moderation may extend life, keep your body healthy and maintain ideal weight remains. Organic foods can be defined as all foods produced with minimum or entirely free of chemical elements (fertilizer, peptisida, hormones, and drugs). 

According to a study by experts from Britain, France and Poland, fruits and vegetables are grown without artificial fertilizers generally contain more nutrients, including vitamin C. Thus, the consumption of organic foods can prolong the life of an average of 25 days of a man and a woman 17 days.

"They are lucky to even be able to live a little longer a few months and even up to five years," the researchers said. Dr Kirsten Brandt, principal investigator of Newcastle University, as well as observers about the quality of food and health, said organic food can increase the quality of a person's health in general. In addition, plays an important role in helping the body burn fat and maintain ideal weight remains. 

"The numbers are quite relevant, based on all information available. Most people probably will not live long, but you can get some luck to extend the life of several months, and even up to five years, by eating organic foods," he concluded.


November 23, 2011

5 Things That Should Not Be Used Together With Other People

Did you know that there are some things that should not be used together, it is important for your health. The daily things, among others :

1. Toothbrush 
Never share toothbrushes with other people, even with a partner that you just kiss. According to Chuck Gerba, environmental microbiologist from the University of Arizona, USA, when we have some skin brushing to exfoliate and maybe stick a toothbrush."There are several types of virus that can move through the brush, such as hepatitis B and C, HIV, and respiratory diseases," he said. This is especially if you are suffering from sores on the mouth or gingivitis. 

2. Comb 
Although looks are not dangerous, but according to Gerba comb can also be a medium of disease transmission. "Some types of bacteria and antibiotic resistant bacteria or MRSA can be found on the comb as a layer of the scalp can be caught in the comb," he said.He suggested that we should always carry personal comb. But what about the comb in the salon? Gerba recommends that we choose a subscription salon is clean so that we can be sure they are routinely cleaned his tools. 

3. Cell phone 
Did you know that cell phones (mobile) saves a lot of bacteria because often he touched but never cleaned. In fact, according to research women's cell phones are much more dirty than a cell phone belonging to the men. One reason is women are also often touch of cosmetics and their tools are more susceptible to flu. Research shows that bacteria are often left on the surface of the phone include the bacteria that cause influenza. 

4. Razor
Razors are also included in the objects that you must wear in private. Visible or not, razors often scratch the skin until it bled. Some infectious diseases such as hepatitis B can be transmitted through the use of unsterilized razor. Moreover, many people carrier (carrier) viral hepatitis who did not realize he suffered from this virus. 

5. Cosmetics
Be careful when using the example of cosmetic products in the store because it has been used by hundreds of buyers. Research over the past two years to find the number of bacteria that is very much on the various samples at department store cosmetic products, especially lipsticks, facial creams, and facial and eye shadow brush. In the study conducted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it was found that the number of bacteria in samples of cosmetics on the day of the week was far more than any other day.


November 12, 2011

Has a Children Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Apparently, being a father, making them more heart healthy. The risk of heart disease was reduced by 20 percent. This is the result of the Stanford University research team conducted over a decade at 135 thousand men. It is known that men who do not have children, a higher risk of dying from heart disease than those who have children. 

The research team revealed an increased chance of infertility can be early warning signs of heart problems in the future. "This is evidence that infertility is related to the health condition of a man in the future," said lead investigator Dr. Michael Eisenberg of Stanford University, as quoted by the Daily Mail. He also revealed that men who are infertile have a higher risk of certain cancers. Research published in the journal Human Reproduction involves male respondents aged over 50 years, 

During research in the past 10 years, 10 percent of men died. One in five deaths, caused by heart disease. When viewed records, men without children have an increased risk of heart disease 17 percent higher than men with children. "My belief it could happen because there are biological reasons," said Dr. Michael. 

He emphasized that this study does not mean not to have concluded that children can cause heart problems. But, more to show that infertility affects health, and has been linked to heart disease risk.


November 2, 2011

Television Make Depression, Sports Make Happy

Television became a powerful weapon to remove the tedium. But, do not ever make watching television as a daily routine. The reason, a study conducted by Harvard University recently said that watching television too often can increase the risk of depression. 

The researchers found that inactivity can cause a variety of emotional and physical symptoms. Meanwhile, the sport has a positive impact in improving self-confidence, and the levels of endorphins.According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, women who regularly exercise are less likely, about 20 percent, get depressed than those who regularly watch TV. 

In this study, nearly 50 thousand women surveyed every two years from 1992 to 2006. Respondents listed the amount of time spent watching TV each week, they also answer the question how often they are running, biking, running, and swimming for 8 years of research. 

"The high level of activity associated with a lower risk of depression," said lead researcher Michel Lucas, quoted by the Daily Mail. 

At the same time, respondents were asked to report any cases of clinical depression or the medication taken to treat depression. During the analysis, the researchers took into account aspects of health and lifestyle associated with depression, including weight, smoking and other diseases. 

These findings suggest that those who exercise, 90 minutes or more every day, tend to have a small risk to suffer depression than those who only exercise 10 minutes or less. Meanwhile, women who watch TV three hours or more per day have a tendency to 13 percent more likely to be diagnosed depression than those who do not. 

However, Lucas added that this result does not directly prove that watching TV and avoiding too much exercise leads to depression. There may be other factors involved. In a previous study, it is said that physical activity is associated with low risk of depressive symptoms. 

"These findings are further evidence of the importance of the activity increase fiosik to maintain brain health," said Gillian Mead, of Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary.


October 25, 2011

The age of man can longer with himself busy

Has long been known that men feel secure when doing things alone, just keep busy, or just want to feel peace and quiet from the noise of the family. But now it seems to have shed a more important role, which can help men live longer. Do things that seem to have no purpose seems menfaat health, as the odd jobs that can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve self-esteem. 

Alan White, professor of health from Leeds Metropolitan University, believes that the effect could extend human life span. According to research published in the British Medical Journal, men who relaxed and do things independently good for health. 

"There's a sense of achievement gained from the men began to do his job and see it through to completion. It's good to increase self-esteem," says Prof. White as reported DailyMail. 

Health experts strongly believe the trend will benefit the community of men calling themselves the "men's shed" or men of this warehouse. This community originally came from Australia and more popping up in the UK where members can meet and continue the activities that focus the activities of "Do It Yourself", the act of doing things such as self-contained; correcting his own lawn mower, gardening, or just busy themselves. 

In Britain, there have been 20 community  "Men's Shed", most members are retired from across the country. Professor White believes that men feel comfortable in the barn are more likely to pay attention to their health at home.


October 14, 2011

Easy Ways to Avoid Diabetes

Dietary habits of the Spanish population shows that eating fish is a good way to avoid diabetes. Perhaps the habit of eating these fish can be replicated by most people of the world, including Indonesia.
University of Valencia Mercedes Prieto Sotos, has conducted a series of studies to prove the health benefits of fish. From these studies, there were 945 men and women involved. Their average age was between 55 and 80 years with a high cardiovascular risk. Results of the study, found that fish consumption lowers the risk of diabetes. 

In the present study also found that those who frequently ate red meat at risk of suffering from cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and decline in life expectancy is mainly due to cancer and heart disease. 

Conversely, those who ate fish is the staple food of the Mediterranean diet, for heart health benefit.The researchers say, various hypotheses have been proposed and tested to explain why the consumption of fish may reduce the risk of diabetes. Increased Omega-3 in muscle cells, he says, can improve insulin sensitivity, one of the important things associated with lower risk of diabetes.


October 3, 2011

Male Breast Cancer More Deadly

Breast cancer is not just stalking her. Although the risk of small experience, men who develop breast cancer tend to have higher severity than women with breast cancer. Research led by Mikael Hartman of the National University of Singapore, said, despite the opportunities he has breast cancer less than one percent, but for those who already have it, a very high risk of death. 

Hartman and his team analyzed data on cancer cases in 1970 in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, Geneva, and Switzerland. The data include 460 thousand men and 2,700 women with breast cancer.   Based on the analysis of these data, the number of men who survived the disease for five years pascadiagnosis as much as 72 percent. That figure is less than the number of women who are able to survive as much as 78 percent. 

"Men generally just realized there was a lump in her breast through an indirect examination of the time went to the doctor, in contrast to women who realized there was a problem earlier in the breasts," said Hartman told Reuters. 

"Breast cancer in men is rare, but the risk is still there. So if a man finds a lump or something was wrong with her ​​breasts, should immediately see a doctor," Hartman added. The exposure in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the researchers say that men generally take several months before realizing the symptoms of breast cancer. A common cause is an increase in estrogen due to certain diseases or abnormalities of the gene. 

The U.S. National Cancer Institute data show that the majority of men who developed breast cancer aged 60-70 years. "Not surprisingly, men who suffer from cancer generally are at an advanced stage," said Susan Dent Hospital Cancer Centre, Ottawa, Canada.

September 23, 2011

Why Vertigo Attacks Appear

You often faint or lose your balance? Perhaps, you got vertigo. Although not lethal, vertigo can be a symptom of serious diseases such as high blood pressure, tumors, and stroke. In fact, it could trigger a fatal accident when the attack came suddenly.

Vertigo occurs when a person feels himself or the surrounding environment is moving or spinning. In fact, often accompanied by severe nausea and vomiting. Dr M Kurniawan, SPS, Asri Hospital neurologist, says that the vertigo commonly afflict the elderly. "The incidence of vertigo will continue to increase in the elderly. Noted, the incidence of vertigo at the age of 40 years was 40 percent," he said during the inauguration of the Hospital Clinic of Integrated Vertigo Asri.

In old age, vertigo often occurs due to disturbances in the blood vessels to the brain, ear abnormalities in internal organs, and neurological disorders. Although common in the elderly, does not mean that young people may not experience it. "Typically, vertigo occurs in younger people because of trauma or had been hit," he added.

Vertigo is also likely to strike women than men. "According to the 1956 study, the incidence rate in women 48 percent, while in men 37 percent," said Dr Jenny Bashiruddin, PhD, and Asri ENT specialist RS Sub Division Head of ENT Department of Neurology Medical Faculty UI. There are two types of vertigo, the vertigo that comes from the peripheral or inner ear or brain and central parts. However, the majority occur in the peripheral, the vertigo debris. 

Vertigo debris arising from rock crystal deposits (debris) which are formed of calcium carbonate in one of the canals in balance tool (utricle). Naturally, the debris formed from the gelatinous substances in the equipment balance. However, because the specific gravity exceeds the fluid in the utricle (endolymph), debris can migrate and settle on one of the canals around the equipment balance. 
Then, what happens vertigo? Balance human instrument is dynamic so it is easily aroused by the movement of the head. If we rotate the head, the fluid endolymph stimulates the tool will also move the balance to adapt. "If there is sediment and debris, the endolymph fluid will experience a greater thrust and balance tool with the power to stimulate greater stimulation. So that people who experience vertigo would feel like a spin," said Dr. Entjep Hadjar, Sp ENT-TOS.

Solutions Without Surgery
First, a solution to deal with it is the operating expenditure debris. But apparently, many complications occur because the utricle is the hardest bone in the human body.In the process, discovered a way more practical non-surgical patients by chance a French nationals who want to go to the doctor in the UK. 

The patient experienced vertigo incredible so he decided to go to England for treatment by using the ferry even though he could not seat. He was forced to sit down with his head on the ship's engine.Arriving at the port of London, all of a sudden vertigo which he felt had been lost. Intrigued, he told the doctor. Of the story, doctors analyze and draw conclusions that the ship's engine vibrations received by the patient is able to solve the tool keseimbangnya debris.  

From this background, the doctor develops a treatment method called Hallpike Manouver consisting of two ways to destroy and remove debris precipitated by usingvibrator, then the patient will be asked to perform certain head positions to bring back into the utricle of broken stone, called repositioning Canalith Therapy (CRT). 

"This method is able to cure 87 percent of patients in the two meetings. Thereafter, patients are encouraged to exercise balance, and sleep with high pillows. If sportsis done routinely, vertigo will not recur, "he said. Because the debris vertigo is only one kind of vertigo, the doctor's diagnosis is necessary to know the type of vertigo that occurs. Not only that, the doctor's diagnosis is also important to find out more about the disease is going to remember only a symptom of vertigo. 
No wonder if, in the treatment of vertigo should be integrated through ENT, neurological, and internal medicine. Not just in one area of ​​treatment. Unfortunately, not all hospitals provide integrated services so that patients are often confused with a disease that never healed. 

Therefore, if you have symptoms of vertigo, be a smart patient by asking for an integrated examination of the overall service that can be more easily overcome the disease, treatment costs would not beswell.


September 16, 2011

Stop Smoking Can be Easy If It's Got The Stroke

The study showed that brain damage from stroke can remove the dependence on the nature of cigarettes. According to research conducted by Prof. Rosa Suner University of Girona in Spain, not all smokers who had a stroke have such an effect. This effect appears only when a stroke occurs in the insular cortex, the part of the brain that regulates emotions. 

This is evidenced when Prof Suner observed 110 patients in the Josep Trueta Hospital with a history of stroke as a current smoker. Together with his team, Prof Suner observe the patient from being treated up to 1 year after discharge from hospital. By the time the patient leaves the hospital, the researchers reported that there were 76 patients who decide to quit smoking. But at the end of the study or about 1 year later, only 44 to successfully defend his cigarette-free status. 

Prof Suner found differences in patterns of stroke in patients who successfully quit smoking, compared with a failure. According to him, the opportunity to successfully quit smoking 2 times greater if the stroke suffered in the insular cortex. In addition to the location of stroke, the initial motivation of the patient also determine the success of smoking cessation. Patients who had planned to quit smoking since have not had a stroke had a 2 times greater chance of succeeding than those who have recently had a plan after a stroke. 

"We conclude, biological and psychological factors can affect a person's smoking status after a stroke," said Prof. Suner in a report published recently in the journal Stroke, was quoted as saying by AP. The results of this study certainly do not advise smokers to have a stroke just prior to boost the success of the intention to quit smoking. If you still have the option to quit smoking now, what's the first stroke will have to wait?


September 3, 2011

When Too Much Caffeine

Consuming beverages that contain caffeine, it can generate energy. Even some people can not move, if not drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. But in fact, drink too much caffeine can be bad for your health. ? Ari study found that caffeine can increase the energy to move, but if too high an intake can bring feelings and negative effects on health, "said Erin Palinski, a nutritionist from New Jersey, cited in Prevention.Actually, when you consume too much caffeine, your body will 'tell'. That is, through some of the symptoms, such as the following.

1. Weakness in the afternoon 
If you can not move without consuming coffee or other caffeinated beverages, you may be addicted. When eating them in the morning, it will increase energy. But in the afternoon, the body immediately felt very weak.

2. Orange-colored urine 
The urine is dark yellow or orange is a sign that the body is dehydrated. ? Opi actually are diuretics that can cause kehidrasi, because the trigger you spend a lot of urine, so the body's dehydrated, "said Amy Gross, a registered dietitian from New York Presbyterian Hospital. 
Caffeine is usually not lead to dehydration, unless you eat more than 500 milligrams per day. Therefore, limit your consumption of coffee, a maximum of two drinks per day.

3. Feeling restless
Hands sweating, heart palpitations accompanied by feelings of anxiety is an indication that you have an overdose of caffeine. "Caffeine can worsen stress and depression because of sedative substances interfere with the brain chemical called adenosine," said Palinski. 
Caffeine can also act as a stimulant that triggers the adrenal gland to release more stress hormones like adrenaline. This hormone can increase heart rate and makes you more anxious.

4. Heartburn 
Acid reflux occurs when the muscles at the end of the esophagus, known as the lower esophageal sphincter, allowing stomach acid and food back up. This causes a burning sensation under the breast or known as heartburn. If this happens to you, caffeine could be the culprit. 
"Caffeine relaxes the esophageal sphincter, allowing stomach acid up into the throat," said Gross. Try to cut out caffeine altogether to see if it soothes your throat.


August 27, 2011

Foods that Can Make Kids Grow Faster

There are some foods that can make the body grow faster. So it's in children is highly recommended food containing these nutrients that the body grows rapidly. The body needs protein, carbohydrates and fat to grow and function properly. Here are some foods that can make the body can grow faster, as reported by Livestrong :

1. Protein 
Protein helps the body grow, ie muscle and fat tissue. Protein is important for healthy growth, but do not eat more protein than you need. Children between ages 1 and 3 years of age need 13 grams of protein every day, and children ages 4 to 8 years need 19 grams per day. Children between the ages of 9 and 13 require 34 grams. Teenage boys need more protein than girls, which is 52 gramscompared to 46 grams.

Even when the body is finished growing, you still need protein to repair and rebuild tissue. Adult women need about 46 grams of protein daily and adult men need about 56 grams. Examples of foods and the amount of protein it contains include: chicken, beef and fish (7 grams per ounce), milk (8 grams per cup), beans (16 grams per cup) and eggs (6 grams per large egg).

2. Fruit and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals needed for your body to stay healthy and a healthy body will grow faster than a malnourished body.

3. Milk and whole grains
To grow the body needs calcium for strong bones support the body size increases. Children between the ages of 2-3 years to 1 cup of milk products per day and children between the ages of 4-8 have 1.5 cups of milk or yogurt or the equivalent of cheese or calcium-fortified soy milk, tofu or orange juice. Older children and adults need 3 cups of milk daily. 

While the grains provide the body's energy to grow. A good choice is the oatmeal, whole grain breads and brown rice. Children aged 2-3 need 3 ounces of whole grains. Girls between the ages of 4-13 years to 5 ounces of grains, and women aged 14-50 years to 6 ounces of grain.Boys aged 9-13 years to 6 ounces and men between the ages of 14-30 years old need 8 ounces of whole grains a day.  

Your needs for grain decreased slightly as you get older.