November 12, 2011

Has a Children Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Apparently, being a father, making them more heart healthy. The risk of heart disease was reduced by 20 percent. This is the result of the Stanford University research team conducted over a decade at 135 thousand men. It is known that men who do not have children, a higher risk of dying from heart disease than those who have children. 

The research team revealed an increased chance of infertility can be early warning signs of heart problems in the future. "This is evidence that infertility is related to the health condition of a man in the future," said lead investigator Dr. Michael Eisenberg of Stanford University, as quoted by the Daily Mail. He also revealed that men who are infertile have a higher risk of certain cancers. Research published in the journal Human Reproduction involves male respondents aged over 50 years, 

During research in the past 10 years, 10 percent of men died. One in five deaths, caused by heart disease. When viewed records, men without children have an increased risk of heart disease 17 percent higher than men with children. "My belief it could happen because there are biological reasons," said Dr. Michael. 

He emphasized that this study does not mean not to have concluded that children can cause heart problems. But, more to show that infertility affects health, and has been linked to heart disease risk.



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