March 14, 2012

What Effects of PIP Implants For Women

Women concerned about PIP breast implants can find all the latest NHS information about the issue in our Health A-Z section on PIP implants.

Do the implants have to be removed early?
Most breast implants need to be removed or replaced after 10-15 years.

If you are worried?
  • If you had a PIP implant on the NHS, you will receive a letter.
  • Speak to your GP, if you had them done on the NHS, or your clinic if you had them done privately.
  • If you decide you want your implants replaced, the NHS will do it free if your original operation was done on the NHS.
  • If your private clinic no longer exists or refuses to remove the implants, speak to your GP. The NHS will remove your implants if your doctor agrees there is a medical need.
However, the committee said the NHS would remove and replace the implants without charge if patients that the NHS had operated on remained concerned.

The first review will be led by Lord Howe and will address a number of specific issues, including:
  • What information about PIP implants was available from routine systems for reporting adverse events
  • What external concerns about PIP implants were brought to the attention of regulators, and when
Women with potentially harmful PIP breast implants have a year to access Medicare rebates for MRI services to determine whether their implants are structurally sound or have ruptured. The Federal government announced the approval of rebates this week.Federal Member for Forrest Nola Marino urged women to have the scans to diagnose potential health risks, if they have not done so already. “I recommend women with these implants to register with the Therapeutic Goods Administration to demonstrate the full extent of this issue,” Mrs Marino said.

Worthing woman fears PIP implants affected her pregnancies, A Worthing woman fears her breast implants may have killed her babies. Romany Smith, 44, of Worthing, was given the now banned PIP breast implants on the NHS, but fears toxic chemicals could have contributed towards her baby being still born and her suffering a miscarriage.

Ms Smith was first given the implants in 2000 after years of suffering low self esteem because of a tuberous breast deformity. Ms Smith said that amongst other women with PIP implants she has met there is a high occurrence of early onset menopause.  Out of 20 women five had had early onset menopause.



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