March 15, 2012

Natural Ways in the morning to reduce stress....

Anxiety can arise immediately upon awakening in the morning. Various sources of anxiety that can arise because the thought of work to do, busy schedule and think about the various problems that may occur. Wake up in a state of fatigue also can cause anxiety. 

One of the best ways to start the day with quiet is the morning ritual of fun. All religions have a ritual morning bath in the river of the Hindus is often done while greeting sunrise to morning prayers in Islam and Christianity 

The focus of reflection is meant to calm down and give spiritual encouragement. Can be done by reading something inspirational, meditate, or focus on what is thankful for in life. 

Morning ritual to reduce anxiety, focus on what is important in the day and give meaning to the events experienced. Humans came to himself often gave his life to something higher so it can spend the day with a good, peaceful and calm. 

"The greatest obstacle to peace in the morning gets really on our own minds, namely how to frame the day," says Judith Orloff, MD, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles and author of 'Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life 'as reported, Thursday (03/13/2012). 

Doing some simple ritual soon after waking in the morning can reduce stress and set yourself up to become more productive. The morning is the perfect time to get peace and to give time for yourself. Here are some of the rituals of the morning to reduce stress. 

Write a list of anxiety 
Write down five of the greatest sources of anxiety on paper, then the anxiety would not be ambushed when they woke up the next day. But do not write the list of concerns that in the morning. 

Orloff recommends to meditate for three minutes. Perform breathing exercises, focus, and focus on the positive and beautiful. Do it for just three minutes when you wake up in the morning. Meditation will find peace of mind quickly. Put your hands on the heart during meditation that will add an element of warmth and calm down. 

Familiarize morning ritual 
These rituals can include longer periods of meditation, simple yoga exercises for relaxation or prayer. Make a ritual to be very enjoyable, so do not regard it as merely an obligation. 

Keeping time to sleep 
Anxiety can be overcome by completing the task early or too late before the deadline. Completion delay tasks before going to sleep can cause a restless sleep and feeling tired in the morning.



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