November 23, 2011

5 Things That Should Not Be Used Together With Other People

Did you know that there are some things that should not be used together, it is important for your health. The daily things, among others :

1. Toothbrush 
Never share toothbrushes with other people, even with a partner that you just kiss. According to Chuck Gerba, environmental microbiologist from the University of Arizona, USA, when we have some skin brushing to exfoliate and maybe stick a toothbrush."There are several types of virus that can move through the brush, such as hepatitis B and C, HIV, and respiratory diseases," he said. This is especially if you are suffering from sores on the mouth or gingivitis. 

2. Comb 
Although looks are not dangerous, but according to Gerba comb can also be a medium of disease transmission. "Some types of bacteria and antibiotic resistant bacteria or MRSA can be found on the comb as a layer of the scalp can be caught in the comb," he said.He suggested that we should always carry personal comb. But what about the comb in the salon? Gerba recommends that we choose a subscription salon is clean so that we can be sure they are routinely cleaned his tools. 

3. Cell phone 
Did you know that cell phones (mobile) saves a lot of bacteria because often he touched but never cleaned. In fact, according to research women's cell phones are much more dirty than a cell phone belonging to the men. One reason is women are also often touch of cosmetics and their tools are more susceptible to flu. Research shows that bacteria are often left on the surface of the phone include the bacteria that cause influenza. 

4. Razor
Razors are also included in the objects that you must wear in private. Visible or not, razors often scratch the skin until it bled. Some infectious diseases such as hepatitis B can be transmitted through the use of unsterilized razor. Moreover, many people carrier (carrier) viral hepatitis who did not realize he suffered from this virus. 

5. Cosmetics
Be careful when using the example of cosmetic products in the store because it has been used by hundreds of buyers. Research over the past two years to find the number of bacteria that is very much on the various samples at department store cosmetic products, especially lipsticks, facial creams, and facial and eye shadow brush. In the study conducted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it was found that the number of bacteria in samples of cosmetics on the day of the week was far more than any other day.



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