October 14, 2011

Easy Ways to Avoid Diabetes

Dietary habits of the Spanish population shows that eating fish is a good way to avoid diabetes. Perhaps the habit of eating these fish can be replicated by most people of the world, including Indonesia.
University of Valencia Mercedes Prieto Sotos, has conducted a series of studies to prove the health benefits of fish. From these studies, there were 945 men and women involved. Their average age was between 55 and 80 years with a high cardiovascular risk. Results of the study, found that fish consumption lowers the risk of diabetes. 

In the present study also found that those who frequently ate red meat at risk of suffering from cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and decline in life expectancy is mainly due to cancer and heart disease. 

Conversely, those who ate fish is the staple food of the Mediterranean diet, for heart health benefit.The researchers say, various hypotheses have been proposed and tested to explain why the consumption of fish may reduce the risk of diabetes. Increased Omega-3 in muscle cells, he says, can improve insulin sensitivity, one of the important things associated with lower risk of diabetes.



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