October 3, 2011

Male Breast Cancer More Deadly

Breast cancer is not just stalking her. Although the risk of small experience, men who develop breast cancer tend to have higher severity than women with breast cancer. Research led by Mikael Hartman of the National University of Singapore, said, despite the opportunities he has breast cancer less than one percent, but for those who already have it, a very high risk of death. 

Hartman and his team analyzed data on cancer cases in 1970 in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, Geneva, and Switzerland. The data include 460 thousand men and 2,700 women with breast cancer.   Based on the analysis of these data, the number of men who survived the disease for five years pascadiagnosis as much as 72 percent. That figure is less than the number of women who are able to survive as much as 78 percent. 

"Men generally just realized there was a lump in her breast through an indirect examination of the time went to the doctor, in contrast to women who realized there was a problem earlier in the breasts," said Hartman told Reuters. 

"Breast cancer in men is rare, but the risk is still there. So if a man finds a lump or something was wrong with her ​​breasts, should immediately see a doctor," Hartman added. The exposure in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the researchers say that men generally take several months before realizing the symptoms of breast cancer. A common cause is an increase in estrogen due to certain diseases or abnormalities of the gene. 

The U.S. National Cancer Institute data show that the majority of men who developed breast cancer aged 60-70 years. "Not surprisingly, men who suffer from cancer generally are at an advanced stage," said Susan Dent Hospital Cancer Centre, Ottawa, Canada.


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