July 17, 2011

Overcome Insomnia

The human ability to avoid stress it is best to sleep. At the break, when we sleep, a process of improvement in terms of fitness. Once awakened, the body feels fresh. However, sleep problems and gain fitness because getting enough sleep was not a simple thing. Meanwhile, the insomnia is a symptom as opposed to the bed. 

People with insomnia have difficulty sleeping soundly. He would sleep a wink to then easily awakened again, often awakened by nightmares that wake up in the morning when the body feels tired, not excited, and overwhelmed with the reluctance to start work. 

A lot of people who find it hard to sleep if it's just one night in a strange place to sleep or forced to use different equipment. It's hard to sleep as it can not be said to be insomnia. Insomnia is a symptom of chronic insomnia. 


Insomnia often can not be solved just by simply sleeping pills for insomnia connection with a very strong psychological anxiety conditions. In fact, insomnia itself just a symptom that can arise by a variety of emotional conflict suffered by a person. Thus, symptoms of insomnia is not a single symptom, except for sleep disorders caused by organic injuries in the central nervous system or systemic neurological disease progression, but also an indication of neurotic conditions.Therefore, for the case of insomnia, the physician should work as a team with a clinical psychologist in order to accelerate the process of curing insomnia can be done with a more optimal results. Seba, who knows the main source of complaints of insomnia lie in aspects of the patient's own personality.

Efforts to deal insomnia 

From the above, we understand that the lack of a sense of calm and safe psychological causes emotional tension that continues to be one cause of a person suffering from insomnia. However, sometimes a simple effort are outlined below can help relieve symptoms of insomnia can even cure insomnia.

1. Try to make yourself an hour to relax before bed by listening to soft music or light reading stories that do not stimulate the emotions. 

2. Avoid exhausting physical activity before bed. Plan your brushing activity, activity in the toilet, and cleans the body one hour before bedtime. 

3. If it was difficult to sleep, it's better than lying still restless to unwind and keep turning the body on the bed because sleep will not come. Sleep is an activity that comes along is relaxed and soft, not the result of a hard struggle. So, the body moves further and further agitated a chance we can sleep soundly. 

4. Each of the beds will always be marked by the movement of the body after a certain time lag. Quiet sleep time with no movement occurs only around 12 minutes, and then certain body movements during sleep makes a person wake up suddenly. However, waking up several times by the movement of the body that does not mean there has been a sleep disorder. So, do not be too quick to conclude that we are hard to sleep. 

5. Quickly conclude that we have trouble sleeping, without realizing we anticipate ourselves to get a sleep disorder at bedtime. 

6. Escaping from a sleep disorder can be obtained by trying to accept it with great spirit, without stiff resistance by telling yourself, for example, I should be able to sleep tonight, or utter a sentence such as: ah, it was dark, I am afraid not sleep again tonight.? 

Various expressions are anticipating the urge to sleep will just make it hard to sleep. More and more feared or fought, emotional tension by resistance and fear makes us actually really hard to sleep. 

7. If we realize that there are unresolved issues, we should look for professional help to get the right solution. Convince us that through perseverance will be able to resolve these issues during the lead role in the emotional strain suffered insomnia. 

We obtain the solution will reduce emotional tension and insomnia also gradually will be overcome gradually.



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