April 20, 2011

eating quickly ?? be carefull for this habit

For people who have a habit of eating quickly, should be more carefull. Cause the habits are often carried away when we're eating food. In fact, some studies show that eating in a hurry can be bad, one of them being overweight (obesity).

A recent study proves that eating quickly can lead to diabetes in the elderly. That's because someone who used to spend a little chewed food by the number and then immediately swallowed up will increase the amount of sugar in the blood stream immediately. As a result, the body will be more prone to impaired glucose tolerance, also known as prediabetes.

Dr. Pradeep Ratnaparkhi, researchers are testing the topic outline, "The level of glucose in the blood in people with impaired glucose tolerance is higher than usual, so they are at high risk of diabetes," he said
prediabetes condition is not controlled it will quickly lead to type 2 diabetes. "In the past 10 years these people are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes with the percentage of 50 percent," he explained.

Pradeep added, eating too quickly can also lead to an increase in the number of calories consumed. This condition will eventually lead to weight gain which in turn is associated with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Instead, by eating slowly someone usually will feel full faster.

Ratnaparkhi suggested, "Healthy eating and regular exercise can help people with pre-diabetes to maintain glucose levels under control. So eat slowly to stay slim and fit".



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