August 18, 2011

Combination Therapy Promising to Fight Cancer

A new study suggests the drug can be attached to cancer cells. Then the drug is activated by exposure to certain wavelengths of light. The results of these studies have been published in Nature Medicine. The treatment method can only be targeted at cancer cells only and does not damage surrounding tissue. A foundation that cancer is a promising treatment method can be effectively used as a cancer treatment.

Currently, treatment for cancer can be divided into 3 categories, such as blasting with radiation, tumor removal or use of drugs to kill cancer cells. All have side effects and the scientists are trying to find a more effective therapy and precise. In this study, researchers from the National Cancer Institute, Maryland using an antibody targeted to the protein on the surface of cancer cells. Antibody is accompanied by chemical IR700, and activated with infrared light.

To test the combination of antibodies and chemicals, the researchers embed the tumor and squamous cell carcinoma on the backs of mice. The mice were given the drug and given exposure to infrared light. The results showed that tumor volume decreased or shrunk significantly compared with control group mice. Advantage of this method of treatment is to be selective, and does not harm the surrounding healthy tissue.

The researchers say that a combination treatment consisting of therapeutic and diagnostic agents may hold promise for future cancer treatment. Although researchers have also been observed when toxicity studies, but these results still require a formal toxicity studies. " Dr. Laura McCallum, from Cancer Research UK Science also says that the results of these studies are very promising for use as a cancer treatment.

"The use of antibodies or photodynamic therapy to specifically target the cancer cells have been successfully to treat some types of cancer. So combining these two therapies can be effectively used as a treatment of cancer cells. However, because this study only been tested in mice, it is necessary to conducted a clinical study to determine the effects of such treatment in humans, "said Dr. McCallum.



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