January 26, 2012

Working Over Than 11 Hours Depression Risk Fold Up 2 Times

Hard work without knowing the rest is bound to trigger a stress both physically and mentally. Even the risk of depression can be increased up to 2-fold if someone spends time 11 hours / day just to take care of the job. 

Joint research team from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and University College London revealed that after an examination of some 2,000 British civil servants. The respondents were aged between 35 and 55 years. 

In these observations, the respondents were asked to fill out questionnaires related to hours of work and other habits related to healthy lifestyle everyday. A history of alcohol consumption were also observed, because it is also associated with risk of depression. 

From the observations, the researchers concluded that working hours are directly related to the risk of stress and depression. When someone works up to 11 hours a day, the risk of depression increased to 2 times higher than if the work only 7-8 hours a day. 

In addition, the study also revealed that depressed women are more vulnerable than men when both worked for a long time. Other groups are also vulnerable to depression are young, relatively low salaries and have a habit of drinking alcohol. 

The impact of fatigue on the job long terlau most widely perceived psychologically, the stressful thoughts that make concentration difficult and sometimes people so easily offended. If not addressed, the impact can also affect the immune system so easy illness.

"People who work too long the performance is not efficient. Keep in mind health and risk factors of stress they experienced," wrote one of the researchers, Marianna Virtanen in the journal PLoS ONE as quoted by the Telegraph.



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